Copy Trading

What Is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is a type of trading that allows investors to follow the trading strategies of professional traders. The goal is to track their strategies using copy or mirror trading. This form of trading requires little or no knowledge of the financial markets. All that is needed is to follow the professionals and copy their strategies.

Copy trading is very popular and is mostly used in forex trading, but it can also be used on stock, commodity, or cryptocurrency markets. Thanks to copy trading, financial markets are accessible even to beginners.

How Does It Work

Copy-trading connects part of the funds of the Copy trader (you) and the trader you copied. All trading actions performed by the copied investor - opening a position, setting Stop Loss and Take Profit, or closing a position are carried out on the copy trader's account in proportion to one's deposited funds.

A Copy trader usually retains the ability to separate the copied trades and manage them alone. Also, the copied trade can be closed completely. This will close all copied positions at the current market price.

Copying trading strategies contributes to the development of a new type of investment portfolio, sometimes called "People-Based Portfolios" or "Signal Portfolios".

Copying traders do not send their capital to the account of signal providers. However, there is also a form of investing where strategy providers act as portfolio managers of copy traders and have indirect control over a certain part of the copy trader's capital.

Key features of copy trading platforms support copying trades in two ways - indirectly and directly. Indirectly providing information about the portfolio and performance of others that users can copy themselves, and directly allowing traders to copy others at the click of a button.

Copy-trading has many advantages, the three main advantages include:

Ability to trade on financial markets with minimal knowledge and experience of investing

Small trading account option (normally small trading accounts range from 100 USD or its equivalent)

Not so demanding on the trader's psyche

To start copying professional investors, simply open an account with us, select a deposit amount, and make a deposit. After depositing your funds, you can open your trading account, which you can download on our website. Here, you can see the profiles of all available professional traders. On the profile of individual traders, you can view the history of the investor's results and the risk of their trades. Then you can decide for yourself which trader you will copy and set your preferred volume.