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Would you like to trade on the financial markets, but do not know how to do it? Are you a beginner in investing? Copy the trades of professional traders and earn like them with the cTrader Copy feature!

Thanks to the newly introduced cTrader Copy feature, you can trade the financial markets with just the basics. This feature makes financial markets accessible to everyone with different skill levels. On the trading platform, there is always a list of traders that can be copied, including information about their success. You can adjust your preferences in the list using filters. Just choose an investor whose strategy suits you and proceed step by step according to him.

You copy trades of professional investors directly in cTrader Copy. You can start or stop the cTrader Copy function at any time, and only you have full control over your capital. When choosing traders you wish to copy, you can study their trading history and open positions. In case of doubt, you can message your strategy provider to clarify everything.

Copy trading is nothing complicated. It is important to choose the right investor to copy. In many cases, it is enough to use logical reasoning and diversify the risk. Whether you decide to copy only one trader or divide your funds among multiple traders is entirely up to you.

How to Start Copying?

Follow These Simple Steps


Login to your cTrader account
and click "COPY"


Find the name of your desired strategy and adjust the parameters using filters


For more information on strategy providers, click on the arrow next to their name, and you will be able to view their trading history as well as open positions


After choosing an investor whose strategy suits you, you can start trading

Follow your chosen trader and start earning now.