For Traders

Gain Followers - Share Your Strategies With Others

We are proud to introduce the copy trading function - a form of trading that allows novice traders to follow and copy the trading strategy of professional investors.

Investors who provide their trading strategies to copy are called leaders or strategy providers. They are often compensated with monthly fees for providing signals to traders who copy their trades. So use your potential and become a signal provider.

The More Followers You Have,
The More You Earn!

Earn every time someone copies your trade, it's a win-win! Here is a list of
benefits that await you when you join our cTrader Copy program:

  • No trial period - share your signals from day one
  • You can set your own fees and copy trades
  • Earn commissions from investors who choose to copy your trades
  • Broadcast your strategies directly from the BidAskBit cTrader trading platform

Requirements to Be a Signal Provider

Positive balance on the account from where you wish to share signals

More than -90% all-time return on investment (ROI)

Execute at least 1 trade in 30 days

It's Easy to Get Started!

Here's a Step-by-Step Guide


Open the cTrader trading platform, click on copy and become a strategy provider


Set the strategy name (without diacritics)


The minimum investment is unique (if you set $1,000, people who want to copy you must provide a minimum of $1,000)


For every million that the investor trades based on your strategies, you will get a fee that you set for yourself


You set an annual fee for investors who use your strategy


Traders can copy you on their Demo and Live accounts, your strategy can be used by everyone, or only by investors selected by you


Describe the strategy that you provide

That's it! You're now a strategy provider!