Copy Trading

Gain More on Top

Whether You Are a Strategy Provider or Investor, There Is Something Extra for All. Earn extra when other users copy your trades or profit by copying the experts!

Get recognized as a successful trader

The More Followers You Have,
The More You Earn!

Reap extra profits whenever your trades are copied, it's a win-win! Here's a list of benefits
when you join as a Strategy Provider on BidAskBit's cTrader Copy program.

  • Be the focal point while offering limitless potential.
  • No trial periods - start broadcasting your trades from the first day.
  • You select and set the commission to charge your copiers.
  • Receive commissions collected from investors who copied your trades.
  • Broadcast strategies directly from BidAskBit's cTrader platform.

3 Requirements To Be Eligible

Positive balance on the strategy account

More than -90.00% of ROI of all time

At least 1 executed deal within the last 30 days

Do you check all the boxes? Then follow the steps below and start gaining followers!

How to Be a Strategy Provider

Start Earning Extra

With These Simple Steps


Login to your cTrader
Dashboard, and click Copy.


Select the account you wish to use.


Click on Become a Strategy Provider.


Insert details of your strategy and set parameters, then click Become a Strategy Provider.

Capital Gains From Professional Traders

Sophisticated Trading Strategies,
Only One Click Away

If you are a new investor, follow what the experts do. Copy their trades, and whenever they make a profit, you do too! Not everyone has the time and resources to do their own technical analysis for their investment portfolio. With cTrader Copy, you can copy trades from strategy providers.

  • Duplicate strategies of expert traders directly on the cTrader platform.
  • Start and stop copying at any time in order to stay in control of your own capital.
  • Adjust advanced risk management settings to keep your account secure.
  • View complete history and open positions of strategy providers for transparency.
  • Message strategy providers to ask questions before copying their trades.

How to Be a Copier

Sit Back and Watch
Your Returns Grow

With These Simple Steps


Login to your cTrader
Dashboard, and click Copy.


Search for Strategy Name or use More Filters.


You can click on the dropdown arrow to view more details of the Strategy Provider.


You can peruse the Strategy Provider's historical profile if you click anywhere on its panel and scroll down.


When you find a Strategy Provider who you are satisfied with, click Start Copying.