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BidAskBit Accounts

Regardless of trading proficiency levels, we have the right account options for everyone.
You can find the most suitable trading profile by going over the two account types
we offer and evaluating your own trading experience and financial goals.

Live Account

Deposit funds to trade in the real crypto markets. Enjoy full access and the undivided attention from our specialists whenever you need trading support.

Access All Features

Be in total control with a complete range of tools

Reliable Support

Priority is given to
Live account clients


Configure account settings to suit your preferences

Demo Account

Experience the cryptocurrency markets in real-time while using virtual funds to test your trading strategies. Assess your skills with no risks.

Market Simulation

A great simulation for real-market conditions


Use any strategy that matches your trading style

Virtual Funds

At your disposal for you to explore the crypto market

Account Tips

Get Live and Demo

Clients are allowed to have both account types at the same time. You can test more daring trading strategies on the Demo while executing more confident trades on the Live account.

Real-life Market Simulation

It's best to trade your virtual funds like you would for real money to practice. If you wouldn't spend an entire Bitcoin for a single trade in real life, you should not do it with a Demo account.

Don't Stay too Long on Demo

Getting too comfortable with using virtual funds is not encouraged. Acing trades on the Demo account will not give the same gratification as a Live Account. Don't forget your financial goals!